All of the websites designed and built by sitemarkd are developed using a responsive framework.

So what does responsive website design mean?

Responsive Website Design is the term given to websites that automatically adjust the sizing, display and arrangement of content and images to suitably fit the screen size that they are being displayed on. This functionality is achieved using a specific set of code and styles that is commonly referred to as a framework.

Why should I have a website developed using a responsive framework?

Responsive Website Design is a fast growing trend in website development, with many new websites now adopting various types of responsive frameworks. The main driver for this adoption is the huge growth in people browsing the internet on smartphones and tablets, which results in non-responsive framework websites appearing to be shrunk – to almost unusable proportions, due to their smaller screen sizes.

With a responsive website, this problem is alleviated because the content and imagery is adjusted accordingly to improve usability and make it easier to both view and navigate around the content on the website. It is also possible to hide elements that would appear too big or unnecessary due to the reduced screen size, further aiding the use and speed at which a website will load.

How can I tell if a website is responsive or not?

If you are browsing a website on a computer or laptop, manually adjusting the browser window to different widths will often demonstrate whether a website is responsive or not. See the images below for an example of this:


With responsive framework


Without responsive framework

On a smartphone, the website becomes almost unusable due to the fact the links to navigate are too small to easily click (image on the left)…


Without responsive framework


With responsive framework

…whereas the image on the right lends itself more to providing content that is quick and easy to access and ultimately, improving the visitors’ experience of the website.

See it work for yourself…

Take a look at our Portfolio to see a range of websites all built using a responsive framework.

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